Timber Policy


Much is said about the destruction and exploitation of the rainforests. By only sourcing items from selected individuals, we can ensure that the flooded forests will remain unaffected, as well as helping the indigenous people to fulfil both their trade and educational needs.

Our driftwood is sourced from various parts of the world. We buy only from local individuals and communities who rely on the flooded forest areas for their livelihood. They live in harmony with the flooded forests and remove only very small quantities from the water.

All our driftwoods have died naturally. They have been harvested from below water in ancient flooded forest areas, that in some cases have been below water for many thousands of years. Many valley’s have also been flooded by man, by way of dams to create electricity.

We do not and will not cut, buy or sell live wood.

Our commitment to a sustainable product is without question. Our driftwood and relics are sourced from sustainable sources and the removal of it has very little environmental impact.

By the nature and age of the products we supply, we currently fall outside the scope of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) regarding certified timber products. We are however, fully committed to the principles of the FSC and welcome environmental questions or enquiries people may have on this issue.

Rainforest Relics recognises that the FSC currently has the best available standards of timber certification procedures.

As a company we are very aware of our environmental impact and the obligations upon us as a result of this.

Since 2005 we have used only 100% recycled materials for all of our packaging needs. In 2006 we introduced Bio Diesel for all of our company vehicles, thus dramatically reducing our carbon footprint.

Going forward, from Spring 2011 we also aim to introduce wind power to generate 100 % of our electricity needs.



This policy is regularly reviewed and was last updated: March 2009. Rainforest Relics

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